sub zero Again!!

The weather has lulled me into a false sense of security, It is once again freezing cold and everything is covered in frost, My legs (exposed) were posotively numb by the time I arrived at the office.

dsc02082[knocking off bank’s look again]

10 minutes under a hot shower and 2 hot coffees haven’t managed to shift the cold feeling yet!

Gorgeous Sun rise though.

dsc02084I’m away at a wedding this weekend so no rides / posts but a few pic’s scheduled to pop up for you viewing pleasure.

Later Y’all.


another weather note….

As it is justly famous for it rains alot in old blighty. Today being Monday I have to make the extended ride to the city for college.

Today it is cold, raining,windy, well if that isn’t a cyclists dream weather i don’t know what is.

I gave up after 7miles and driving rain and sideways wind and caught the train the last 5.

Definitely annoyed that I wimped out but I was feeling very cold and very wet.

Very very cold…. still cold now and hour later.

Fresh faced ride

dsc01977Brr it is chilly today!

All the ground that was wet and sloppy two days ago is now frozen solid and the mud has taken on the characteristics of razor blades. (glad I didn’t fall of today)

All the trees are white and the grass is like whips of ice crunching loudly under tread.

Men were out de-frosting cars, children huddling up at bus shelters on the way to school, steam rising everywhere.

I hardly dare take my eyes off the road for the volume of ice everywhere and although I don’t particularly mind falling off, it try not to make a habit of it in the road with traffic. Such as HERE

Long trousers would have been a good idea unfortunately my lovely full length trousers gave up. See HERE I’ve been in the office for over an hour now and my legs are still cold, more long tights required I think.

Take care on the road out there.