Day Dreaming

I keep finding my self dreaming of the warm breezes, turning pedals, only wearing jerseys and sunlight rides early in a morning.


Sun shining and pedals turning over hill, through valley sweeping bend after sweeping bend, mile after mile of open road


Where in the blue blazes is he?

Hullo, weary travellers i am….. on top of the world! Not quite. I’ve been relocated to working on site for a bit (civil engineer in training by trade) so no riding to speak of for a few weeks and loads and loads of work to do so i don’t have any time or anything to post about…. so i’m not for a few weeks any way.

Here is a camera phone shot of where i am.

Although you can’t tell it’s actually a cracking view (when its not raining).

I may stick up the occasional old riding pic just to keep you tantalised we’ll see.

Later y’all