Dearest Readers, I am currently taking a weeks leave to spend time with the family, on the road, on the trails and generally recharge….. although i’m feeling pretty tired now after a 300miles behind the wheel day.

I have had some good time on the MTB and planning a long road ride with Al’s latest nudgeof inspiration for the riders writing circle I’ll have plenty to say next week.

In the mean time, have a great week all and I shall quench your thirst for ramblings and nonesense once again on Monday.

Take Care, Much Love



Sneak Peek picture of whats to come next week.

Single Track Heaven

Single Track Heaven


Nothing to see… move along

After a full week of commuting i was starting to feel fairly rough, Saturday was a welcome break although I did get out for a ride with the Mrs (her first with the new bike bits I got her for Xmas….. apparently the Hope brakes are awesome)

Sundays mad dash to the bike shop was very cold and following the start of the snow fall the family picked me up….. i’m a wimp I know.

Anyway decided to go for it and deposit has been paid for my new beauty… couple of weeks and she’ll be mine oh yes, she will be mine.

Have riding and snow pics coming tomorrow

and relax……

Christmas was great! Merry Happy times to all. enjoy your expanding waist lines as new year is coming and the big get fit push!!

See you all soon!

mmm I wonder……

Mountain biking is one of those great activities that is fun both alone and as a group hence all the MTB clubs out there such as the legendary Bad Brains Club!! 

Now I have loved riding with the Bad Brains crew and Big Al. But they are based 30+ miles from me and by the time I’ve got the kids to bed etc it’s always too late for me to try and get to Leeds [1hour+ journey each way] apart from the fact it until this past few weeks it would have been too expensive to drive up there and back plus i’ve been ill and got college work and some times even actual paid work to do…. shock horror I know!!

Anyway those are my rubbish excuses for not riding with the Bad Brains crew. But hey I may end up working Leeds / Wakefield way next year you’ll never be rid of me…… Sorry……..

If only there was a group to ride with near me?

I’ve spotted the occasional biker but thought maybe I should start a club, i know all the off road routes round here, there’s Wharncliffe, Derwent, Sherwood pines all within 30 mins of my house.

Stick up some posters or forum posts maybe i’ll find others in need of a biking buddy…… [that sounds so camp!]

So with my lunch times free i’ve come up with a badge and jersey [you know the most important things!]

Ta Da!

wwmbcAutoCad is a riot for this sort of thing!

Or maybe in red

wwmbc-redMy village is called Wickersley in case you wonder where the name comes from…..

100% sure it’ll not happen, until at least July i’m just too busy with work, college etc but maybe.

Anyway it’s fun with messing with the design.

Any thoughts / suggestions.


My eloquent beast and metal and rubber is sat idle stalled in her pen,

She has been cleaned, prepared, check and adored and is ready for her day of action,

She is prepared and I am found wanting,

I, am not there,

My boots are dry and warm,

My gloves have no fingers to complete them,

My ipod sits quiet, unwanted,

The road is alone,

Trails with out a friend,

Fields and tracks, all cold and crisp only have each other,

The crunch of tyre of frozen ground is a sound not heard today,

Time slips by and the light wains unable to support this day,

The time has gone the chance wasted,

No riding be done today,

For I am at work, chained to my desk,

The white collar, a shackle to my neck,

8 of 50 years served,

The dream of trails, the joy of decent, the glory of climbs conquered,

For such dreams, dreams shall remain until the day is done.


Days 365
Weekend 104
Actual cycling dates minus 261
20% of dates 52.2
Work 208.8 2714.4
College 25 750
LBS 60 720
Fun 500
Total 4684.4

I think this is what I’ve done this year. Not exactly measured, just an estimate but over 4000miles on the bike is cool for a cyclist!

Thoughts inspired by Gom1

Any one got any mileage figures?