Xmas Wish List

So all you bloggers out there who just happen to have come across some massive amount of cash,

You know from a dead relative…. my condolences,

Lottery win….lucky ba****d,

Million Bonus from Bank….. how dare you!

Huge Drug Deal…. mmm

Bank Job…… well they’ve taken everyone else’s money!!


Anyway… If some one out there wanted to get me a really cool biking related Xmas present then heres what to go for…. queue list of cool stuff.



And some where to keep them…..

But my bike keeps falling over….mmm.

Ah problem sorted….

But if this is a dream list lets have the dream bike in there:


Right, now I’m set… well sort of these would be nice.

Endura Venturi eVENT 3/4 Over Trouser

And where are you going to keep you stuff on the bike?

And to keep the mud out of my eyes….

and to stop my melon from being crushed when i fall off….


But the best thing you could get me that absolute best thing would be to put money here: Link