Rob “the Pirate”

Due to my fashion of wearing Buff’s underneath my helmet I was nick named

Rob “The Pirate”

by the gents at the bike shop. I wear buffs for their many functional benefits and reasons and their uses can not be underestimated.

They when worn as a bandana they stop my sweaty head from ruining my helmet.

Double it over and it’s a warm hat!

Round the neck to keep you warm in winter or wet it and it’ll keep you cool in the summer!

I love my Buff’s as is evident from the many photo’s i’ve posted of me wearing them..

No. I’ve not got a job with Buff I was just asked why I wear them today and thought there’s a good HighwayMunky cycling tip waiting to happen!

So the tip really boils down to a question.

Are you Buff enough to wear a BUFF?

…. I can not believe I just wrote that….. sorry.

1st college commute for the Langster

Well we had a good blast to college and back yesterday shaving 15 minutes off my commute time. I knew the mountain bike was slower but a whole 5mph slower as an average speed! I followed the same route as last time and it was amazing how quickly the ride went by, there were a number of factors contributing to the new turn of speed.


  • Skinny Tyres – Yes, skinny tyres are fast… who knew!
  • Attack! – Other than suffering in the saddle it is the only way to get up the hills!
  • Rabbits – Pass no less than 7 other cyclists on my way in but as my Food Chain Number is 4 on the Langster everyone else was lower down the food chain than me.

The track bars are starting to grow on me, I’ve got a good grip climbing position now and thanks to the expertly applied bar phat [Thanks Darren!] they are comfy.

The other great thing about yesterdays ride was that it is warmer! Yes the endless cold snap appears to be over and the need to draped in waterproof has lapsed for the time being. YES!!!


Today I managed to get my 1st puncture and realised I’d forgotten the spanner to take the wheel nuts off…. Eek, I managed to get round this as I found the offending metal staple and patched up the tube using the excellent Park Tool Super patch Kit.


I was re-inflated in no time thanks to the co2 air gun pump…. Seriously they are so worth the cost to re-inflate and be on the road again in a minute is a thousand times better than standing there pumping away for 10 minutes trying to get something like the right pressure.


So HighwayMunky tip of the day for your saddle bags are:


Park Tool Super patch Kit.                                   SKS AIRGUN With CO2 Cartridge