1st impressions – Bike Review

Todays 1st ride on the specialized tarmac expert test bike was fun. In fact it was the first time I’ve really enjoyed riding since my accident.

So the bike…. is gorgeous the lines and look are fantastic and it is light weight yet solid to hold. Sitting on the bike it instantly balances well and standing still for a moment i could hear it whispering to me “fast, i want to go fast”

The Ultegra groupset gearing is so precise and even when i found my self in the wrong gear it was very forgiving as I ground the gears to get under way.

Riding is like something completely new to me, it just climbs so well both sat down spinning out and out of the saddle dancing up the hills this bike flies!

All the ways home today was two lanes of queueing traffic and I just slipped into the middle of the cagers and put my foot down and it was the first time i was smiling on the bike for ages!

Tomorrow I’ll take it out for a serious ride and I’ll post at the end of the week what I think of the whole package.

But first impressions are good.


2 Responses

  1. I love that feeling you get when the bike just seem to be flying along.

    I’m praying that when I switch over to my light-weight geared bike after riding a heavy single speed all winter there will be a big difference.

  2. Not to mention it’s a sexy bike!

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