Oh my it’s May! – Closing Out April


Well another 09 month down, damn they’re going quick this year…. that’ll be my age then.

This month according to the little computer I have done…. err well i dunno because due to a sudden infliction of sausage fingerness yesterday I reset my cycle computer for the month so the only thing I know is that I did a measely 200 miles.

  • April Total: 200.2miles

I also did about 100 miles on the MTB but no computer on that one so 300 ain’t bad…… I had a week off due to injury too! so not too bad.

Have a good May all!

Oh and Happy Birthday Mum.

Here’s some blue bells.



Broken Bits…… Again!

Oh Dear! My plan of having incident repair free commuting appears to have taken a walk down the proverbial swannie! [gone down the toilet for those not speaking yorkshire…. heathens!]

There has been in interesting sound developing at the back of the Langster and it became louder and louder to the point it is now a noise and an interference in fact it is so bad that I was forced back on the MTB for the commute in today.

The free wheel is making very loud grinding banging noises with the sound of bearings running amok inside!

This has as you would expect caused some anger, a bit of fist waving and a hour or so of getting dirty trying to fix it.

It is as they say “Buggered”!

The reason for this important part on my nice new bike falling apart is that it is cheap. Yes cheap a merer £10 that’s $13.80 to our colonial brothers & sisters.

“But wait” I hear you cry “HighwayMunky you have the Langster Monacco with it’s flip flop rear hub! You could ride it fixed”?

Yes, Yes I could…. But it scared the life out of me trying it last night so I chickened out!….

Que laughter and mocking remarks…..

I hang my head…….

Hard week in the saddle,

I think it’s because I’ve seen significant improvement in my strength and fitness on the Langster that I feel like I’m training for something, but I’m not, should I?

Yesterdays ride to and from college was just as fast as the week before but the return journey home was 2miles longer than the week before!

Oh and I have some stats [geek out time]

  • Days – 7
  • Time – 7 hours 33 minutes
  • Distance: 102.29 miles
  • Average speed 13.5mph
  • Max 40.1

My legs were feeling very heavy at the end of yesterday but the ride home in particular did feel loads better than the week before I was faster up the hills by about 1mph and recovering much quicker I’m hoping this is due to an increased fitness.

I am starting to see a much more rapid decease in the fat stomach area and if I can manage to get some runs in / gym this week I’ll be doing well.

Today’s duties have been exchanged with the wife she’s in the saddle and I’m on the school run with the rest of the cagers! I think a day out of the saddle will do me good as up until a few days ago I’ve been neglecting my rear and developed a saddle sore, it feel loads better than it did a few days ago thanks the assoss chamoix cream and regular applications of sudacreme seem to be doing the trick! Not nice!

But it’s good to share. Later Y’all.

RWC: Seven Deadly Sins of Cycling

Lust (Latin, luxuria)

To covert thy neighbors bike, to stand with your mates in the LBS and drool collectively over the new shiny thing, To be so consumed by the thought of the bike that the sale of non essential / redundant body parts sound like a reasonable option in order to procure the bike to end all bikes,

For a good example see my previous posts about the langster Here Here and Here shameful lusting all of it!

Gluttony (Latin, gula)

In days gone by there was the bicycle, that was it it was just a bicycle just one for everything. Then the gluttony hit and gluttony for cyclists comes second only to air! we would have bikes for every day of the week, every possible surface and type of riding if we were not kept in check by those minor things in life.:

Significant other – She/He who must be persuaded that this new bike is a life essential

Bank Balance – I could get away with just beans on toast every day but I fear that the kids would complain, money has to go else where, and no matter how pretty the bike it can’t feed the family. (selfish buggers…..Joke)

Greed (Latin, avaritia)

One simply word will describe all the greed for a cyclist….. accessories. Some will tell you that cycling is cheap and inexpensive. This is a lie and because the greed takes hold, I need another pair of gloves, more tubes, well this multi tool is loads better than the last one, tools, lights, tubes, tyres, helmets, clothes, wet clothes, dry clothes, lube, cleaner, replacement parts…….. its a long list that greed plays with between it’s fingers toying with you, convincing you that you need this, that…. two of everything.

Sloth (Latin, acedia)

This is to cycling what kryptonite is to superman, allow but a little sloth into your life and all the fitness you spent 6 months gaining will disappear,your waist line will expand, legs loose defenition. The sloth cycling is to not ride, to polish ones bike, and never use it, allow it to go unridden. Sloth can take you any time, any where and take a lot of pain to recover from.

Wrath (Latin, ira)

Wrath is a friend and an enemy to every commuter, it can spur you on to race the traffic and that bastard who just cut you up, but it can also lead to you spewing wrath and rage at those cagers who do not see, look, care that you are there. Wrath leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering, This is the path to the Dark Side….. hang on this isn’t Star Wars…

Envy (Latin, invidia)

OMG How cool is “Billy Bob McFudgen’s New Bike” (made up name) Envy of thy mates bike is a dark path to tread this leads to ” can I have a go?” which leads to “This is awesome, loads better than my bike” and in the end you and your mates all have the same bike. I know it happens at the LBS every 6months!

Pride (Latin, superbia)

Pride for a commuter is intrinsically linked to the Silly Commuter Racing. Being passed of seeing someone half a mile down the road causes an instant twang of pride, “I must catch them!!” or in my case the 1st thought that comes into my head is ” Ello W’abbit” This pride has burned more calories than any motivational music in the world.

Don’t believe me? 595 page thread on the issue should convince you that it is a disease…. and spreading.

How many sins have you commited lately?

Working for it: SS review a few days on

My thoughts on the bike at the moment break down into 2 parts.

  1. Positive + The single speed-ness, 

A couple of time on the commute this morning I made movements to change gear,

Strange that I was on a road bike reaching for non existent mountain biking shifters.

After chuckling to my self for a few minutes, I resumed the attack on the hills. Yes attack, I have found so far that unless I wish to crawl along at 0 mph uphills, up out of the saddle or sat down hammering away is the only way to do it. 

Maybe it the iPod but I’m finding it quite easy to just pootle along and need to kick myself to move faster, I am enjoying the smooth ride of being on a road bike again how the little flicks of the bars and graceful movements of the bike round corners are pleasing to the body, mind and soul.

I think above all I like the idea of the single speed, it is very cool and a bit different, i like the idea of me and the machine against the elements, i like the idea of if I want to go faster I have to work harder, I like that the bike looks so cool too!

     2. Negative – The Bars.

Now this is my only gripe / area of concern, I’m not too comfy with the bars and the way they bend out, i never seem to get a comfortable grip position for climbing / attacking. But I think I will give it a few weeks to try and get used to them.


    3. Over all + it is nice to be on a road bike again.

Think i’ll go for a long ride after work today to really try it out.

New Bike 1st ride review.

It’s very plush, I’ve put my mountain biking mud guards on to keep me dry and clean and i’ve added specialized red bar phat to stop my hands freezing to the gorgeous [now well protected] track drop bars.

The track bars will take some getting used to I think as they have a different shape to what I’m used to and not sure of the best position for climbing and having my hands yet.

The gearing is a 42/16t which I have found gives a comfortable pootling speed but when you put the power down there is plenty of range to accelerate before you spin out.

Going through traffic on a hill was interesting, the narrow bars encourage slipping through the vehicles but the desire to not stop is quite strong as it is a fair bit of effort to get going again.

The tyres grip well roll fast and are comfortable, 

Comfort is also increased through the carbon forks keeping the front end light even with bolted hubs and the the carbon wrapped seatpost saves some back pain.

I enjoyed the ride in and found not having to think about gears was not difficult infact it was kind of nice, i think i could get used to it….. 

I guess that is the thing about single speed bikes it’s just the opportunity to ride, uncompllicated riding.

[oh god i’m going off like a singlespeed preacher…. urgh! Sorry, just exceited.]

More broken bits.

Not the blog…. my ever breaking bike. Now both my wheels have had it, I’m on the bus to and from college today which is disappointing.

My current bike issues are:

  • Rear rim had it, will not maintain it’s shape, 1/2 the spokes are bending and nearly all the eyelets are falling out.
  • Front Hub is actually falling apart, front wheel is following in the foot steps of it’s rear cousin.
  • Crank arm that is bent, is bending more and more due to it’s structural weekness and the loading that I put through it.

mmm, bike being my only way of getting to and from work means this is going to be an interesting week.

Anyway work to do. more later