Getting back into the swing of things,

Right, now the snow has gone I’ll be able to get some miles in, I hope Monday was just the usual commute to and from work so just the 21miles for Monday, My knee is feeling a lot better, but still sore when trying to stretch my hamstrings, it’s the bending the knee backwards that hurt, not that you’re suppose to bend your knee’s that way.

If anything I think I may have damaged the cartilage that was damaged a couple of years ago. Which has in the mean time fixed it’s self. It is holding up ok at the minute and with the exception of a couple of twinges here and there, I think I may have escaped serious damage.

I’m going to try and keep a better track of the calories I eat and calories I burn to ensure I have a deficit in the right direction (more out than in) Monday was good rode to and from work and finished the day -857 on the calorie count.

Tuesday was a day to test my metal, early morning ride of 20.5 miles meant 970 Calories burned and it wasn’t even 8:00am! The ride was really good, hard but good. I set off at 6:00am and decided to get in a load of hills on the way to college, I kept as high a tempo with low resistance round the Rotherham ring road and up the hills to Kimberworth, Thorpe Hesley and then down through Chapeltown, onto Pennistone road, through Hillsborough and into the city centre. 750ft of climbing over the whole route and I felt it. So unfit!

Most of college was spent trying to stay awake, then the blast home and again keeping the pace high for the fist half then my legs gave up. Home in 50mins, 820 calories burned! I must have been tired as I was wondering why I was struggling so much why it was so slow pedalling; I was in the big ring without even noticing!

Shift down and all of a sudden it’s all much faster!!

Once home I had to take the kids to their Panto rehearsals so whilst waiting I went for a run. 3.8 miles in 40mins, not too bad to say I haven’t run for ages and I’m fat and got a dodgy knee….. Ok its rubbish. Must move faster. After about 20mins I managed to get into my stride and towards the end of the run I was struggling but kept going to do two laps of the village centre. So Tuesday ended up -2051 which is equal to a lot of food!

This morning was a fast as possible ride into work as I was doing the school run, 480 calories burned in a 35min ride…. Now that’s fairly quick for my commute.

On a side note: I really love riding a road bike…. It’s a statement of fact, the Kuota is a gorgeous bike to ride, smooth on the road, fast, and it’s just the right size for me… loving the road at the moment.


Hitting the dirt

Friday I managed to get up and out for a good hour on the MTB, I striaght down the lane, over the fields and upon to the super ruts of the dis-used colliery slag heaps, down through the little wood single track, I crashed out of the woods stright into what was once a cool fast open section that has now been taken over by nettles. Got stung horribly, turned around and got out of there, which is not so fun as you really have to will yourself to move from a place where you are not getting stung, through the pain and emerge itchy and sore on the other side.

Now with stinging arms, legs and face! I hit the uphill return back through the woods on the eastern path to the bowl, spent a couple of minutes doing drops into the bowl, then kicked off back out the road, up to wickerlsey woods and home. All in all a fun ride, managed to clean the ruts through smarter line choices and kept the skin on my knees.

Tomorrow, the raw hide ladybower/derwent loop! big it on.

Oh and managed to get in a lovely hour road ride with the wife this morning. It’s so cool to do these things together.

Maintaining the rhythm

As i have talked about before I love to have my iPod on and being the one with the massive memory I have 4937 songs to choose from but I find that I usually listen to the same group of songs for a while and then move on to something else for a while until the mood takes me another way.

But I have found that single speed bikes have a certain rhythm and the key to single speed riding is maintaining speed and rhythm.

This rhythm may change due to bike, gear ratio, rider but I suspect that each rider and bike has their own rhythm.

My rhythm on the langster seems to be the beats of Tiesto’s in search of sunrise albums. It’s euphoric trance music that is up beat and supports the smooth riding and high rev’s of a single speed country ride.

The rhythm of my MTB is definitely Metal! Metallica, All that Remains, Disturbed are my preference of hitting the trails on the Kona.

What’s your rhythm and ride combination?