Hamsterley 50K

Well I did it!! nearly….. near as damn it!

Having fuelled up at a BBQ saturday night I was all set…. except for the small matter of the big painful grazes on my knee.

In order to protect said knee I decided and was encouraged to wear my knee pads. Which I duely did and did not fall over all day! didn’t need them at all! bugger!

But they did manage to rub all the hair off my knees and all the scabs off my grazes and a fait amount of infection into my leg that has had me laid up at home for 2 days…. watching 24.

The Ride! It was not technical, it was long and hard and hilly, in fact it felt like I was basically climbing for 4 hours!


  • Time moving: 3 hours 35 mins
  • Time Stopped: 1 hour 10 mins
  • max speed : 57.7 km/h / 35.9 mph
  • moving average : 14.32 km/h / 8.9 mph
  • total distance : 48.11 km / 29.9 miles

Most of the stopped time was for checking directions on my map and taking photos. If you ever get chance to ride round Hamsterley forest you should it is gorgeous, quiet and really quite peaceful.

I didn’t quite do the full 50k due to a navigational error which I don’t feel too bad about, and wasn’t going to be so anal as to ride round in circles for a few km just for the numbers!

I saw a couple of deer although not as close as last time when one jumped on the bonnet of my car!

The riding was mostly on fire roads, wide tracks used by vehicles and the occasional bit of singletrack.

Photo’s of the day are here:LINK


Mad for it!

This weekend me and the kids are off to go give my good lady some time to study, So we are off up north to NewCastle. The remit for the weekend was for the kids to spend some time with my sister in-law and her husband whilst we had some time to our selves, But as the Wife has loads of Uni work to do I’ll take the time to do something mental!

50k ride at Hamsterley as set out by one of the Hamsterley TrailBlazers Rifty. Here: LINK

Profile looks abit like this:

So i’m hitting the knobbles all week in preparation, early morning ride on the roughest stuff to and from work as well as making sure everything is working properly.


This is a bit like my Pennine way Horror Story but I’m more prepared this time… i think. I should be fuelled for this one as there is the offer of BBQ the day before. Yes please!!!

Anyway that’s what I’ll be up to Sunday.

Any tips appreciated should be a good story though.