Tarting about

Now I’ve finished tarting about with the blog for the time being back to the business of posting.

Today I took in the same route as the past 2 days, it was a bit of a rushed ride due to getting out of the house later than planned and as the bike needed lube!

Lube was required due to sheer massive volume of crap on the bike from yesterdays ride home.


Yuk! It got to the point where the wheels were struggling to turn due to the high volume of uber sticky mud and freshly cut hay. (people make houses out of this mix!)

But my lovely Kona persevered pressing on home absolutely covered & splattered in mud & for some reason the Mrs wouldn’t give me a hug and a kiss? Mad eh!

Today’s photo is just me posing!

More tomorrow!

Just in case anyone does continue to read this who I used to link to in blogger please comment with your URL so I can add you in again. Lost all my links during transition!!