Updated Good Reading page

Updated the Good Reading page, Added Red Bikes as a new addition.
Lost all my wordpress stats..mmm maybe behind the sofa.


College run

Yesterdays college run was fast and fun thanks to a few days off the saddle I was full of energy and ran hard all the way there into the wind and all the way back with the wind at my back (loads faster)


Really enjoying the single speedness of my bike and I really do prefer it now to the gears!

Stats for the last week,

  • Time: 6:10’51”
  • Distance: 74.89
  • Average speed 12.1
  • Max 31.7
  • March Odometer: 177.1

Unfortunately due to personal demands i’ve once again resigned from the LBS… Shame but more weekend time with the family will be great!


My ride into work Wednesday was both essential as i really needed a ride and hard work as the once frozen ground had gone to slush and ultra sticky goop!

But the morning was fresh and i’d dropped everything i needed at work the night before so riding bagless from a change!

Slippery paths and slag heaps and dis-used train lines it was and fun was had all the way into the office.