Not as planned.

When things do not go as planned sometimes it is a real disappointment and frustration and then sometime just sometimes life suprises you and because things didn’t go as planned you are here to tell the tale.

I maybe exagerating a bit but I think if i’d done what I wanted to today i may have been in a real sorry state.  Let me tell the tale.

My original plan for this morning was to get up at the crack of dawn head out to ladybower resevoir for 5-6 hours of instensive MTB riding with lots of climbing and lots of descending [oddly they often g together] But the evil empire that is work life hit me with a broadside requiring my presence at the office at 8am…. bike ride vs work….. damn it!

So following the brief time of penance at the office I sent off but realised I didn’t really have time now to get to derwent, do the ride and get some sleep before work tonight [yes they work me day and night… aww.. your sympathy is appreciated but sleep is for wimps and sunday afternoons] Anyway.

I decided that the best option would be Sherwood Pines. The closest trail centre to us.

Arrival at 11am. Get all gear out of car jump on the steed and off we go….. go back lock car, Off we go!…… go back retrieve phone from car, Off we go!!!

The new XC red route takes you round an almost continuous singletrack twist and turn ride for miles. It is great fun, I’d recommend doing it in bursts as I was just going at it full baw for the full loop and I was cooked by the end. That had been my plan but cooked I was….. someone said it was the hottest day of the year so far and I believe them the car registered 26° C [79° F] and that is warm for old blighty!

I made a couple of errors in my mad run of 7miles of singletrack attack then 15miles of high paced fire road suffering. I put two Noon tablets in my 3 litre camelbak which made it taste horrible and I can not work out wether it was this or the heat that made me feel so sick.

But sick i felt, stomach ache and even after eating and energy bar and sandwiches I still felt rubbish.  I’d push on for a bit feel ok then the cramps would start, nausea and this would come and go for the whole morning.

So I’m wondering what I broke, me? or the mixture? Thoughts and training in the heat suggestions appreciated. Thanks


Sherwood Pines Afternoon Meander

We broke out the roof rack and the little man’s bike seat and shuffled our way over the Sherwood Pines to have a couple of hours leisurely riding. My wife had quite keenly pointed out that the boys seat was knackered due to me taking him on some fairly rough bumps and singletrack and with all the bouncing and his weight he was now very laid back instead of upright.

“It’ll be fine” says I, with the confidence of a man who will pray the whole way round, and it was fine…. but only just.

The small boy was by the end of the ride laying down in a near horizontal position with his seat skimming my back wheel as we flew along the stoney paths of the new family trail.

There are new trails open at Sherwood Pines that look really good, can’t wait for a free weekend / day to go and hit them proper.

It was lovely to be riding with the Mrs again.

Sherwood Pines Ride = single track heaven!

It was the kids holiday week a couple of weeks ago and on the Monday all the family were planning to go meet friends, they just happened to be hitting the only trail centre for 100 miles so the wife suggested I take the bike and have a blast….err OK! 

Upon arrival I unpacked the family and sent them on their way, called at the shop for a map, there I was advised that there was a new trail! New Trail sounds fun and it was. I hacked my way round for about an hour and was amazed,

  1. The new trail is really fun.
  2. My legs are awesome!!

Merely a week ago I was feeling out of puff riding the Kona to and from work and after a week on the single speed I have legs like iron pistons there’s no stopping them! Which meant that I was flying round the twisty turns, the single track was well drained and for the most part easily ride-able making for a great ride!

I eventually regrouped the family for lunch and then off again for another hour, this time I returned to the trails me and Amy have run through before, the lighten bars and single 36T front chain ring were such a good idea because they made the handling and ground clearance fantastic! Another hour of single-track heaven and I was cooked and span away back to the car park. Great ride out!