Slippy Slidy Ouch!!!

It was gorgeous on the way to work this yesterday morning. Really makes riding worthwhile when you conquer a hill and are rewarded with a sky like this!


It is muddy out there! Autumn is well and truly here as i ventured out into some of my rougher trails on the way home from work and I got muddy, the usual rough tracks were sloppy messes and the usual cross field routes were so muddy so boggy that I was pedalling hard to go down a 1:3 hill!

At the bottom the back end of the bike was all over the place i was trying my upmost to keep a steady rythem and the Panaracer Fire XC Pro tires were working over time find grip where there was none, in the end I realised there was a much more solid line to follow to the right, I tried to cross over to this line but at a much too shallow angle and a grip disappeared! Wheels sliding every where, brakes work stopping the wheel turning momentum continues and smack into a big thorn bush full of big thorns!


Very muddy, gumpy and in a reasonable amount of pain due to the huge thorn I’d pulled out of my hand and the sound kicking my pedals had given my legs!

Conclusion it is too muddy to go all cross country routes, just stick to the well established tracks.

But damn it was beautiful in the morning!