I have a confession to make, and if i make it here then I’ll have to do something about it. For the past couple of weeks i’ve been having the odd sneaky cigarette. There i said it. As an ex smoker I have done really well and not even fancied one for the better part of a year but we had a friends wedding, drinks were had fun and merriment and you get the idea, will power took a vacation and Mr Marlboro was once again living in my pocket.

This would not have been a big issue but I had some left over the next day and rather than binning them, i kept them and smoked em. That was my downfall. So for the past two weeks working nights it’s been all too easy to have the odd one or two but it’s built up quickly and I’ve done very little exercise and I can see and feel the effects of both.

So today I’ve drawn a line in the sand. No more smokes. No more bacon sandwiches [i work in construction this will be a tough one] back on the salad and weetabix. But more importantly running, cycling or punch bag workout every day for at least 30 Min’s.

I shall reclaim my motivation which seems to have taken a vacation too and get back to the fitness and thinness that I was hitting a month ago.

To kick all this off I went for a fast 2 mile run the run was fine until about 1.5 miles then my breathing could not keep up with my demand for air and afterward I was coughing like wheezing old smoker for about an hour, I still feel raw now. So stupid!


mmm there’s something amiss

This has been an odd week, i’m feeling odd.

I’m moving positions at work from being an office based CAD monkey to a site based engineer…. i work in highway construction….. do you see where the name comes from highways… CAD monkey….. you can do the rest.

Anyway as part of the move I get a car… which is great it’s new, big and i don’t have to pay for it! down side of this is I don’t cycle work.

Let me explain how my head to body connections work.

Cycle to work = happy

No cycle to work = Stressed & grumpy

That’s pretty much it.

So i’ll be hitting the lunch time running…. i hope a couple of times a week and evening rides will become more the content of the blog from here on out for the next few months…… which should be more interesting for those who read this blog than the usual:

“rode to work… it was sunny”

“Rode home….. wet….. grumpy”

And the last time I was on site I went so stir crazy I nearly killed myself doing a mad hike a bike over the moors…… but i’m sure that won’t happen this time……. hehehe!

But just in case it does I just bought one of these for bivvy bag camping because I got a voucher from ebay and couldn’t help myself!

209293306_tpWhat the hell is it I hear you cry….. but it looks really quite cool and I bet you want one too.


Its a tiny light camping stove that can go in the bottom of my big rucksack with the bivvy bag for those emergency times when I’m stuck get my self stuck in the middle of no where as I hope to do later in the summer.

look how small it is; its the brown package about the size of the stuff monkey in the back ground.


Off to the muddy world of diggers and bull dozer’s I go….. YIPPEE!!!

And then there was mud!

This is not the path I used but it looks very much like it.

If you add rain and wind, this was my commute home from college.

Following the morning severe soaking being blown to pieces the commute home was a mud bath! The towpath that is usually lovely was a quadmire and by the time I got home I was coverd,

my sand coloured shorts were black,

my white bike was black,

my red/white socks were….. can you guess? Yes black.

I was covered from head to foot in dirty sludge and canal side mud.

How did I feel?


Like the jersey said, In Mud We Trust.

Where in the blue blazes is he?

Hullo, weary travellers i am….. on top of the world! Not quite. I’ve been relocated to working on site for a bit (civil engineer in training by trade) so no riding to speak of for a few weeks and loads and loads of work to do so i don’t have any time or anything to post about…. so i’m not for a few weeks any way.

Here is a camera phone shot of where i am.

Although you can’t tell it’s actually a cracking view (when its not raining).

I may stick up the occasional old riding pic just to keep you tantalised we’ll see.

Later y’all