Sun + Show

It was lovely to be riding in this morning enjoying the warmth of the morning sunshine and the fresh greens and yellows of the fields.

dsc02199I stretched out the ride to a full 10miles rather than my usual 6-7miles and was feeling it by the time I arrived. I was all ready for a run at lunch time but as ever the pressing needs of work got in the way so no pounding of the pavement today.

Oh and the Mrs is off to see a show tonight to support her colleague who’s in the show it looks interesting….

orangeClick for map.


Aiming for a Tonne!


I am really wanting to do a 100 mile ride. I don’t actually know why other than to see if I can do it.

I’m thinking that it would be a good full day ride on the old singlespeed and i’m getting sort of prepared.

It is pretty much 100 miles from my house to my brother in law’s house in northampton [depending on the route]

I could set off early ride all day and get there for tea…. die for a while and then the family to meet me there for a lift home.

I’m going to see if I can do it during April and then for May my target will be a 10k race.

But for now concentrate on the 100miles.

This week I have done a 21 mile hilly ride in 1 hour 30 mins. So I’m thinking that 100 miles will be about 8 hours riding…… I’m gonna need a lot of food!


Any one ever done a distance that big in a day?

Any tips?

What should I take and what should I leave at home?



I managed to lock myself out of the house last night so whilst I was sat in the garage I thought i’d attend to a couple of pressing issues.

  1. The Pain in my Arse!

I have developed a whopper of a saddle sore through the changing of saddles, neglect and over heating!

So to remedy this I have swopped the Specialized comp saddle that comes stock for my broken in Specialized Alias saddle. This must have had come benefit for I did a 30 minute ride to work and was confortable and not sore when I arrive.

I need to take better care of myself, so Assos Chamoix Cream applied liberally, Cycling shorts removed and bottom washed immediately. Talcomb powder to dry and then Savlon to heal an hour later. This is my “make bottom happy again” plan. It feels better today so it may be working.

Overheating may also be part of the problem, I wear baggies over my cycling shorts most of the time and I think that this maybe what I causing the problem, So I’m going to try without for a week and see what difference it makes.

2. Slippy feet.

I am having problems with my shoes due to worn out cleats slipping out of my pedals, so I took the opportunity to change the cleats and clean the bike.

Cleaning is easy and over in 5 minutes leaving me with a nice shiny [and if I do say great] looking bike. Now to the cleats.

As you would expect if you’ve ever used them MTB shimano type cleats are trick buggers to get off having been used for a while. These particular ones have been used for the better part of a year almost every day in all weathers and had all sorts of dirt, grime, mud so the little screws did not want to come out.

A bit of GT85 spray and application of near arm breaking force and all but one of them was out and then the inevitable dreaded event occurred, The allen key head on the screw threaded.

And nothing in my tool box would turn that screw. Crap!

So in order to sort this issue I broke out Big Burther;  the heavy duty drill, and a 1mm metal drill bit and set to work destroying the screw.

My theory being that if I drill through the screw but stop before I get to the carbon sole of the shoe then I will be able to break the screw off and then using pliers untwist the remain stump of the screw.

Thank fully my theory panned out and it only cost me on drill bit  (and nearly an eye). the drill bit snapped and the flying bit hit my eye brow….. bit too close for comfort.

So tip Highwaymunky tips:

  1. Always wear goggles!
  2. Drilling out screws for cleats is a tried and tested way of getting the stuck cleats off

[WARNING!! Only try this if you are confident using the tools! if you are not careful you could wreck your shoes or worse!]


MTB Tunes Vs Road Tunes

A bit revelation for you, I love music and depending on my mood it can be any kind of music, I go through seasons really for the past 6 months  – Year it has been rock & metal I am now transitioning into dance/trance/house music and I suspect it has something to do with the bike!

For ages I’ve been riding just a MTB big knobbles, & suspension. Riding hard and fast in a striaght line eating up miles of trail, switch backs, hills and loving the rough stuff!

Now I’ve become a tarmac junkie, I love it spinning out mile after mile keeping the revs high, flying along concentrating over speed.

The MTB music is always something hard, angry and often screaming such as:

Hitting a fast windy section of track with that in your ears will really do it!

But for on the road i’m more into something a bit my rythmic such as:

What do you guys listen to… if anything on the trail / road.

Tomorrow Running Tunes!

Stretch it out

This mornings ride wasn’t quite 30 miles but it felt like it thanks to a fantastic 17mph headwind! [i checked it was that hard]

Ride info:

View Interactive Map on

  • Distance: 21.22
  • Time: 1:30
  • Ascent: 505ft
  • Descent: 575ft
  • Average Speed: 14.15 mph
  • Calories burned: 1172

The 1st part of the ride was great and I felt strong and was whipping along quite nicely, I made sure that I drank regularly and  was able to get to the 14 mile mark in relative comfort it was at this point the situation changed some what.

I rounded a corner and was immediately blasted by head wind which cut my average speed as I was seeing it from a healthy 18mph to a suffering 13mph and the suffering in the head wind continued for the next 7 miles and this 7 miles is the 7 miles on the busiest road that I really could have done with zipping along, but it was not to be, today I suffered in the saddle but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it later.

Very sleepy now.

Broken Bits…… Again!

Oh Dear! My plan of having incident repair free commuting appears to have taken a walk down the proverbial swannie! [gone down the toilet for those not speaking yorkshire…. heathens!]

There has been in interesting sound developing at the back of the Langster and it became louder and louder to the point it is now a noise and an interference in fact it is so bad that I was forced back on the MTB for the commute in today.

The free wheel is making very loud grinding banging noises with the sound of bearings running amok inside!

This has as you would expect caused some anger, a bit of fist waving and a hour or so of getting dirty trying to fix it.

It is as they say “Buggered”!

The reason for this important part on my nice new bike falling apart is that it is cheap. Yes cheap a merer £10 that’s $13.80 to our colonial brothers & sisters.

“But wait” I hear you cry “HighwayMunky you have the Langster Monacco with it’s flip flop rear hub! You could ride it fixed”?

Yes, Yes I could…. But it scared the life out of me trying it last night so I chickened out!….

Que laughter and mocking remarks…..

I hang my head…….

sub zero Again!!

The weather has lulled me into a false sense of security, It is once again freezing cold and everything is covered in frost, My legs (exposed) were posotively numb by the time I arrived at the office.

dsc02082[knocking off bank’s look again]

10 minutes under a hot shower and 2 hot coffees haven’t managed to shift the cold feeling yet!

Gorgeous Sun rise though.

dsc02084I’m away at a wedding this weekend so no rides / posts but a few pic’s scheduled to pop up for you viewing pleasure.

Later Y’all.