Working Hard

Not much time for posting today, busy work load. Just enough for some stats of the exercise I’ve been doing the past few days.

Working hard, feeling the burn!….. damn my legs are tired!

22.12 miles
443 ft climbing
1:35 time
1500 Calories

370ft climbing
45 mins
500 calories


12.18 miles
300ft climbing
1 hour
645 calories

Lunch time run
3.6 miles
120 ft climbing
35 mins
518 calories

Getting wet on the way in.Me getting wet on the way in.

Something interesting or funny tomorrow… I promise.


Back on the road – Tri training.

Once again i’m making a bid to do a Triathlon this is my 3rd year of thinking about this but the 1st that I’ve actually booked to do it. Yes that’s right i’ve got the completed form and cheque just waiting for pay day to arrive to post it off.
With this in mind my running has restarted in anger, in fact yesterday I did the 400ft climb stretched out to 8 miles home from the my last shift at the LBS.
Changed my shoes & took off on a 3mile run, this is the 1st time i’ve tried to run straight after cycling and it was hard to start with but felt good after about 10 minutes and I managed to stick to my pace of just under 10 minutes per mile.

Stats for the week:
Bike Time:
Time: 4:52’30
Distance: 67.63 + approx 12.5 miles on MTB = approx 80miles
Average Speed: 13.8
Max 31.9
March Odometer: 244.8miles

Running Time:
Time: Approx 2:30
Distance Approx 16miles
Last Run: 3miles
Time: 29:30 (inc. 5 min stop to pick up lunch)

Also for those who have never tried it have a go at running with the rocky soundtrack on the old iPod! It’s awesome and you go so much faster!

I’m now on the search for equally motivating music to train to.

New Year break out

Weekend riding was just the commute to work at LBS and back which is always a fun fast downhill there and a slog back up, which was harder than usual due to my rapid expansion [outwards].

Yes as most people I have eaten, drank,eaten some more, drank more and made merry for 2weeks and now I feel fat!

So I shall mostly be eating weetabix for breakfast, weight watchers soups for lunch and a weight watchers reciepe main meal with the family, this is the feeding plan for January. I have even been so anal as to plan each meal every night for the rest of the month and pre order the shopping for each week, so there can be no excuses for copping out with a quick chinese or fish & chips.

My plans, resolutions, proposals for the year ahead are as follows:

  • Take more photos [with my lovely new camera:Samsung S1070]
  • Record all mileage [computer reset and i’ll leave it running until end of December]
  • Enjoy the riding I can do and don’t stress about the riding I can’t do
  • Get fitter by riding, running & gym [as it’s costing me enough!!]