Another Hot Run.

Went for another hot weather run, did my local 3 mile off road loop, but being a bit sensible I took two bottles of water with me. The 1st mile was really tough I started to heat up and was really struggling to lift my legs.

The sun was really strong over head and with no wind the it took me until about a mile and a half to get into my stride, by the time I got home I had consumed all the water and was really hot and that was the hardest 3 mile run i’d done in ages.

But as they say if it hurts it must be working.


Woodland run.

Slept all day today in our ever increasing temperatures. It’s lovely!

Went for the nice 3.5 mile run with Brett and it was hard due to still heat, there was almost no breeze.  We ran at a good pace today and I felt the effects of no doin much for the past week and the indulgance of an old dirt habit, but it was a good run and by the time we were nearing the end i was starting to feel really good and almost wanting to keep going. This is a good sign for my next race.

Running Running Running

This week I have done…… 3.5 miles saturday morning with my mate Brett. Then 10miles Monday night [following the 15mile commute in the rain on bike] and then 6 miles last night. So i’m feeling…… suprisingly good no really injuries or problems, i’m not a walking zombie. Amazing.
The 10 mile run was pretty hill over 350ft of climbing and it tok me 1 hour 55 mins, which is ok but by the end my knee really hurt and i’d really had enough.
Gorgeous evening and sunset.

I was looking at doing a 15km running race on sunday, but when I rang up about it it was 15miles!! so i think i’ll give it a miss 2 days before the final duathlon of the series. 15062009298

Men In Tights

Tuesday was a good day, I had to take the day off work to look after the kids…. never a bad thing.

Dropped them off at their respective schools and nurseries giving me a couple of hours to kill, went to see some friends and their new baby… very cute. Congrats Kirsty & Brett.

Then I heard the call of the gym, well actually i’d heard the call of the gym most days for the past week but only found the motivation Tuesday. It then occured to me that due to forgetting, being busy, not being bothered and just not going it was a month since either me or Amy went to the gym, damn they make some money off me they do!

Anyway back to the post title, Brett and I agreed to go running together next week for the 1st time and i’m looking forward to it as i rarely get chance to train with anyone it’ll be fun….. or so I thought.

Amy just happened to mention that Brett is really competative…. and runs like a gazelle…. being chased by a cheetah!  not wanting to be embarrassed or slow him down too much I went out for a run that night to test / push / punish myself. I managed 4.6 miles in 45 mins which puts me just on the 10 min mile line which is usually what I manage on my own. My attire for this run was running leggings / tights, breathable t-shirt and running hat [baseball cap with the top missing] To the great amusement of my wife, who so cruelly mocked me in my choice of trousers.

Is it wrong for men to wear tights? I wear my 3/4 cycling ones all the time and now I’m getting fit I think my legs look pretty good so I’m fairly comfortable wearing them, and although the mocking cut me deep….. [just kidding] should men wear tights? Do you think it’s all good or very wrong?

Running Tunes #2

If rocky isn’t your thing then try this:

“you’re the best around”

From Karate Kid of course…. seriously I was laughing my ass off at myself running the other day with this on!

Running Tunes

As a follow on from yesterdays train of thought I have listened to all sorts of music when running and I have found that the best…

The most motivational…..


The Rocky Sound track…….

No wait before you pelt me with rotten stuff… just try it [it is probably a guy thing] but running up a hill with any of the following is just great especially if timed about right:

“Gonna fly now”

“no easy way out”

“Hearts on Fire”

“eye of the tiger”

It is so cheezy it’s great!