Today I am mostly full of cold, my head hurts, my ears are blocked up so I’m living in a reasonably painful goldfish bowl. winge winge moan moan.

Anyway I thought I would share some of the random cycling related pic’s I’ve found out there on the web.

There are loads of cyclists in the world and alot of them are really passionate about it, and some of those spend their time making blogs, pictures and generally getting out there to tell the world, how good cycling really is!

I love that people get together to say that they want things to be different and that they realise that cycling is the best transport there is. I would love to go to a critical mass event Fat Lads write up of his visit to the US and partaking in the Chicago one is definitely worth a read. Here

Any way pictures.


Getting the message across,


Promoting the best way to get to work.


Just a bit more anti-car sentiment. I’m not anti-car, i’m just pro bicycle, but this one does make me smile.


The mystery and dark forces of cycling

(i.e. setting up of gears correctly requires dark magic & chicken sacrifices i’m sure)


Sharing the love.


Tell me you’ve never thought that after getting cut up!

Not really cycling related but I think it would be very cool cycling along with these tattoos on your legs!


Victoria recreating the famous Lance Armstong poster.


My commuting choice is either this or


mmm, choices choices.

I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow, Have a good weekend Y’all.