Grinding out the miles

Todays commute in was stressful because i did the classic commuters failing of not getting packed the night before.

I don’t know about any of you but if i don’t pack my bag and my clothes ready for the next day then in the morning i end wondering around like a half asleep deranged person, putting on clothes, taking them off again, going outside… it’s colder than i thought, back in for more layers, thermal leggings instead of shorts… good job too because as soon as i got out of my road the icy wind hit me and i was wishing i was back under the covers.

I got up late too so by the time I actually got going it was light!

On the way home i was just trying to keep up with this fella on a road bike, and evey now and then he’d stop at some lights and i’d be able to take the off road route past him and keep going but he had me on the straights.

Eventually my legs gave out and i settled back into just grinding out the rev’s keeping myself going as fast a possible.

although today I did get several looks from drivers waiting at side roads that seemed to say “how dare you cycle on the road and make me wait another 10 seconds…. bloody disgrace” in a old army colonel (with walrus moustache sort of way) in fact i’m sure i actually saw some guy say those exact words… honest…… maybe.


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