I have a confession to make, and if i make it here then I’ll have to do something about it. For the past couple of weeks i’ve been having the odd sneaky cigarette. There i said it. As an ex smoker I have done really well and not even fancied one for the better part of a year but we had a friends wedding, drinks were had fun and merriment and you get the idea, will power took a vacation and Mr Marlboro was once again living in my pocket.

This would not have been a big issue but I had some left over the next day and rather than binning them, i kept them and smoked em. That was my downfall. So for the past two weeks working nights it’s been all too easy to have the odd one or two but it’s built up quickly and I’ve done very little exercise and I can see and feel the effects of both.

So today I’ve drawn a line in the sand. No more smokes. No more bacon sandwiches [i work in construction this will be a tough one] back on the salad and weetabix. But more importantly running, cycling or punch bag workout every day for at least 30 Min’s.

I shall reclaim my motivation which seems to have taken a vacation too and get back to the fitness and thinness that I was hitting a month ago.

To kick all this off I went for a fast 2 mile run the run was fine until about 1.5 miles then my breathing could not keep up with my demand for air and afterward I was coughing like wheezing old smoker for about an hour, I still feel raw now. So stupid!


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  1. I know a bunch of people with the same struggle. Good for you overcoming it again. It’s not easy!

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