Wow this morning was an effort! Eventually kicking the kids out of the house I trudged up the hill to deposit a rather cold snow covered little girl at school and then turn around and a hard ride in driving snow [that little stinging type] which would have made for great photo’s

[shame the batteries ran out on the camera]

What was hard packed ice & snow yesterday was today covered in a fresh couple of inches of snow.

This has the stange effect of making me nearly silent as i run along but without a clue as to what is on the ground in front of me, which is particularly interesting when there are tyre tracks frozen into the ice which act as tram lines to try and direct me off the wrong way.

Again the simple bicycle was faster than the car & 4×4 as i passed all the traffic, dodged the big 4×4 truck slipping and sliding all over the place.

I more than a few stares and looks of disbelief that I rode in today but it was probably quicker than driving, and loads more fun.

Take it steady out there.


Snowy ride


The commute today was very steady, slow and steady to stay upright, it is now cold enough for all the snow to have frozen, so on a snowy frozen day which way should I go to work?

  1. The clear gritted road way?
  2. Hill of Death & pain slippy back road way?

Come on which way do you think i went.

No 2 of course.

The I let about a third of the air out of my tyres and off into the early morning dawn I rode, slipping and sliding all over the place, the reduced pressure definitely increased the grip and slow steady circle maintained the forward momentum.

My usual 30 minute dash was an hour long steady ride but it was nice to be on the bike and the scenery was gorgeous.

The hill was a down ward slide of exploding snow under tyres at half the usual speed but the back end sliding out at every turn on the sheet like ice that was just beneith the snow the fun was definitely in the control and continuing struggle against gravity.

Back up the other side it was as though a stream had run down the path and frozen solid coating the entire path in a sheet of ice.

Tranction here was a problem and the continuing forward motion was tricky, slow turns and stay on the front wheel and don’t slip.

After a while I made to the top, stopped for a quick photo and back onto the ice road, sliding, gliding and the occasional crash of ice collapsing under tyres.

It was a bit strange to get to work, sit down with the top of me so warm and the bottom of me so cold.

(left my gore-tex boots at the bike shop… bugger very cold toes today0