what’s next?

dsc01871Back in the commute has been fun this week I’ve rediscovered the joy of riding in the dark!

On the road its a bit scarier but as I have enough lights to look like a Xmas tree I don’t worry about not being seen, my biggest issue is being mistaken for a motorbike due to my fantastic (when it’s working) front light!

Off road is another matter it is AWESOME!!

Not being able to see where you are going and only concentrating on what is 10ft in front of you is exhilarating and I find that I go faster in the dark!

My commute back from college on Monday was loads of fun as the tow-path (path at side of canal) is 99% unlight and it was fun, so long as you enjoy the thought of possibly slipping into a freezing cold canal at any moment or rounding a blind corner to find the path has disappeared into mud and water.

I eventually bottled it and got back on the road, not because of the danger more my paranoia that I was riding along a dark path with little to no chance of any one showing up should the worse happen, or getting mugged!

Lights off


Lights on


All night riding & winter riding tips welcome.

Review of winter riding gear coming soon!