Maintaining the rhythm

As i have talked about before I love to have my iPod on and being the one with the massive memory I have 4937 songs to choose from but I find that I usually listen to the same group of songs for a while and then move on to something else for a while until the mood takes me another way.

But I have found that single speed bikes have a certain rhythm and the key to single speed riding is maintaining speed and rhythm.

This rhythm may change due to bike, gear ratio, rider but I suspect that each rider and bike has their own rhythm.

My rhythm on the langster seems to be the beats of Tiesto’s in search of sunrise albums. It’s euphoric trance music that is up beat and supports the smooth riding and high rev’s of a single speed country ride.

The rhythm of my MTB is definitely Metal! Metallica, All that Remains, Disturbed are my preference of hitting the trails on the Kona.

What’s your rhythm and ride combination?


Running Tunes #2

If rocky isn’t your thing then try this:

“you’re the best around”

From Karate Kid of course…. seriously I was laughing my ass off at myself running the other day with this on!

MTB Tunes Vs Road Tunes

A bit revelation for you, I love music and depending on my mood it can be any kind of music, I go through seasons really for the past 6 months  – Year it has been rock & metal I am now transitioning into dance/trance/house music and I suspect it has something to do with the bike!

For ages I’ve been riding just a MTB big knobbles, & suspension. Riding hard and fast in a striaght line eating up miles of trail, switch backs, hills and loving the rough stuff!

Now I’ve become a tarmac junkie, I love it spinning out mile after mile keeping the revs high, flying along concentrating over speed.

The MTB music is always something hard, angry and often screaming such as:

Hitting a fast windy section of track with that in your ears will really do it!

But for on the road i’m more into something a bit my rythmic such as:

What do you guys listen to… if anything on the trail / road.

Tomorrow Running Tunes!