MTB Tunes Vs Road Tunes

A bit revelation for you, I love music and depending on my mood it can be any kind of music, I go through seasons really for the past 6 months  – Year it has been rock & metal I am now transitioning into dance/trance/house music and I suspect it has something to do with the bike!

For ages I’ve been riding just a MTB big knobbles, & suspension. Riding hard and fast in a striaght line eating up miles of trail, switch backs, hills and loving the rough stuff!

Now I’ve become a tarmac junkie, I love it spinning out mile after mile keeping the revs high, flying along concentrating over speed.

The MTB music is always something hard, angry and often screaming such as:

Hitting a fast windy section of track with that in your ears will really do it!

But for on the road i’m more into something a bit my rythmic such as:

What do you guys listen to… if anything on the trail / road.

Tomorrow Running Tunes!

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