Ever since i started riding bikes again I have used clipless pedals and I now have a variety of different types to choose from such as:

Here we have left to right:

(left) Shimano M520’s -came with the kona good solid pedals but very heavy! bearings not so great (no spin on them) 

(top) Shimano M647 SPD  – The 1st clipless pedals I used as they have the nice big cage to stamp down on. Used to death and are now saved for sentimental value.

(bottom) Ritchey Logic Comp V4 – Awesome pedals just flick them and they spin for ages, light as a feather too! (current favorites)

(right) – Can’t remember the make,Anyway they are great and just keep on going forever pedals, they are the ones I would take on every big ride i’d trust them to last longer than any others!

But for riding with the little boy on the back it’s a bit dodgy! we’ve had a couple of close calls (me nearly dropping bike & him!!) so flats is the way to go.

Problem I don’t like flats as a rule, I feel unstable, I think that my feet could come flying off the pedals at any time! But in the interest of not falling over still attached to the bike with a small boy on the back i thought it best to give some a try and then if they are any good I can give them to my wife to use & i’ll occasionally borrow them back for rides with the little munky.

So I went for theses:

DMR V8 pedals.

OOOOOoooooo I hear you all say! Well they are…. Pretty darn good! They grip to my trainers really well I even used them to ride to college and back this week (20+ miles on & off road) and found them very grippy. I still prefer the feel of the clipless pedals and having the bike secured to me (being one entity man & machine in unison etc…)

So in conclusion the flats are not evil and good ones really do grip will. I have been advised that if you wear some Really good trainers such as: Five Ten Sam Hill Low Impact Shoes as recommended by all at the LBS

Then grip is no issue and it is just like riding clipless!




P.S. I’m feeling loads better… that was horrid! Thanks for the messages guys.x