Dearest Readers, I am currently taking a weeks leave to spend time with the family, on the road, on the trails and generally recharge….. although i’m feeling pretty tired now after a 300miles behind the wheel day.

I have had some good time on the MTB and planning a long road ride with Al’s latest nudgeof inspiration for the riders writing circle I’ll have plenty to say next week.

In the mean time, have a great week all and I shall quench your thirst for ramblings and nonesense once again on Monday.

Take Care, Much Love



Sneak Peek picture of whats to come next week.

Single Track Heaven

Single Track Heaven


Nothing to see… move along

After a full week of commuting i was starting to feel fairly rough, Saturday was a welcome break although I did get out for a ride with the Mrs (her first with the new bike bits I got her for Xmas….. apparently the Hope brakes are awesome)

Sundays mad dash to the bike shop was very cold and following the start of the snow fall the family picked me up….. i’m a wimp I know.

Anyway decided to go for it and deposit has been paid for my new beauty… couple of weeks and she’ll be mine oh yes, she will be mine.

Have riding and snow pics coming tomorrow