Only Cyclists!

Commuting to work and back on a bike always scenic,


Especially in the cold,


Especially when you get to dress up like an extra from Mortal Kombat!


But I am not the only one. Check these lot out!





And some real troopers are Here:




Ice Slide

This morning’s late ride was very cold about -5°c I seriously chose the wrong wrong socks and by the time I got to the office my toes were frozen!

I’m loving the sound of winter; the crunching of ice under tyres, exploding crash as i collapse frozen puddles and the feel of drift on the ice [when i know it’s coming don’t like the suprises!!]

I’ve seriously put on some weight over the Christmas period, just weighed my self and i’m on 14.5stone which put me at 203lbs. Gutted! More pedalling, less chocolate!

Frozen Rides

The way to work yesterday was very icy very cold and somewhat dangerous, however I was prepared. For the past few years I have regularly been reading Jills Sub-Arctic blog and I have taken note! Jill the ever intrepid snow biker uses a combination of massive 4 inch wide tyres and about 10psi to give maximum grip in all conditions.

Now the smattering of ice that we had yesterday morning was nothing to compare to the Alaskan winter Jill is about to endure but the principle is similar when on snow & ice go flat, so I did.

It worked!!

Cheers Jill!!

Pics of the ride:

None of this stuff in the pics is snow it’s all ice.

New Year break out

Weekend riding was just the commute to work at LBS and back which is always a fun fast downhill there and a slog back up, which was harder than usual due to my rapid expansion [outwards].

Yes as most people I have eaten, drank,eaten some more, drank more and made merry for 2weeks and now I feel fat!

So I shall mostly be eating weetabix for breakfast, weight watchers soups for lunch and a weight watchers reciepe main meal with the family, this is the feeding plan for January. I have even been so anal as to plan each meal every night for the rest of the month and pre order the shopping for each week, so there can be no excuses for copping out with a quick chinese or fish & chips.

My plans, resolutions, proposals for the year ahead are as follows:

  • Take more photos [with my lovely new camera:Samsung S1070]
  • Record all mileage [computer reset and i’ll leave it running until end of December]
  • Enjoy the riding I can do and don’t stress about the riding I can’t do
  • Get fitter by riding, running & gym [as it’s costing me enough!!]






[Just in case you don’t know the words]


Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 

And never brought to mind? 

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 

And auld lang syne! 

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear, 

For auld lang syne. 

We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, 

For auld lang syne.  



Grab your loved ones, or someone elses loved ones… doesn’t matter….



Quick Go and Get a drink it’s nearly Time!!