Rob “the Pirate”

Due to my fashion of wearing Buff’s underneath my helmet I was nick named

Rob “The Pirate”

by the gents at the bike shop. I wear buffs for their many functional benefits and reasons and their uses can not be underestimated.

They when worn as a bandana they stop my sweaty head from ruining my helmet.

Double it over and it’s a warm hat!

Round the neck to keep you warm in winter or wet it and it’ll keep you cool in the summer!

I love my Buff’s as is evident from the many photo’s i’ve posted of me wearing them..

No. I’ve not got a job with Buff I was just asked why I wear them today and thought there’s a good HighwayMunky cycling tip waiting to happen!

So the tip really boils down to a question.

Are you Buff enough to wear a BUFF?

…. I can not believe I just wrote that….. sorry.

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