mmm Ice is Slippy

Hello friends, Romans, fellow cyclists!

I have returned for my period of servitude a bit fatter but wiser and have dived head first (some times literally) back into the commuting biking life.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the occasional ride, once out at Sherwood Pines with the Mrs & little man, We also revisited it as a family twice in the past week Sunday was a bit very much on the damp & muddy side as there was a BHF (British Heart Foundation) charity event on at the same time it was busy and the tracks well rutted at times but loads of fun and a learning experience in that I have discovered my beautiful children are much heavier than i thought as they were riding their chariot (trailer) and I was the horse (mule/ass) They thought it was fantastic

“faster daddy faster!!”

“I’m” (panting, wheezing) “going” (more panting, wheezing) “as fast” (deep breath) “as I can” (panting, wheezing)

But we had a great time all together getting wet & muddy!

Back to the commute,

On friday i was due back in the office and set off nice & early to enjoy the ride in. The 1st thing I noticed was that it was cold! really cold, mmm frozen water on the ground cold.

“mmm, I’m a tough mountain biker with knobbly tyres what do I care”

So i raced off down lanes, over fields, along tracks until I was happily pootling along at a gentle uphill, i turned my head to gaze at the horses running in the field to my left and at this point my front wheel decided I was not giving it enough attention, had a brief meeting with a section of black ice, together they decided that I should be punished proceeded to drop me like a stone!


I had exactly no time to react I hit the ground still holding the handlebars in riding position, still clipped in and slid back down the hill.

Ice is slippy! forgot about that!

Where I hit the grounddsc01864

Where we ended up. (not the natural angle for the steering end!)


You can see the skid marks from where we slid along! No bruises or cuts or anything to speak of.

I must be getting hard!!

It’s good to be back Later Y’all!!


3 Responses

  1. Missed you…

  2. Nice to hear you’re back!

  3. […] I hardly dare take my eyes off the road for the volume of ice everywhere and although I don’t particularly mind falling off, it try not to make a habit of it in the road with traffic. Such as HERE […]

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