Not so great gear review (partly due to big bottoms)

It may be me who picks the wrong things but my cycling stuff is always breaking! (i know the trail gods must have their attrition of parts and stuff but it’s not fair)

Particularly my clothing.

Being a commuting cyclist means i wear my gear every day, some things are comfy and last, some are not.

Endura over trousers

Excellent trousers, very waterproof, comfy. How ever a bit on the small side, i would consider myself a large person, but apparently the rakes over at Endura (Don’t get me wrong I love their stuff) obviously assume that I am a XL person and there fore whilst casually swining my leg over the Aluminium steed, the arse in my trousers gave out.

Embarrased – no (no one saw)

Annoyed – Yes (i really like these trouser.

Lesson learnt – Yes I am an XL (in endura)

Polaris Tunsten Jacket.

Excellent jacket, under arm zips, very waterproof, comfy, warm how ever it is a bit weak on the zip front. The grippy end of zip handle bits fell off making it damn near impossible to get the thing on and or off, then the main front zip decided for reasons best known to it’s self to commit hara-kiri. Yes it actually destroyed it’s self and it’s water proof sealing around the zip.

The zip went this morning at 6:30am as i was walking out of the door, but it had been going a bit funny for days (should have seen it coming really)

So these two items work great for a short period of time then they either self destruct as in the case of the jacket or get destroyed by my fat arse!

If anyone can recommend a really good winter riding jacket that meets the following i’d really love to hear from you.

It must be:

  • Tough (must be able to handle daily abuse)
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable (it get very hot & sweaty)
  • Not black or camo
  • Not cost a fortune (mainly due to the lovely present I got Amy – see below)



My lovely lady received these yesterday just to show her that I was listening every time she gushed over them and that I love her very much.. xx

Cool eh!!


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