How you doing? Update

Well it’s been a few weeks now and i’m mentally getting over the accident, i’m still feeling anxious about car’s, lorry’s, van’s and pretty much everything else on the road at times, but it’s not all the time. I managed to complete a whole weeks commuting by bike and did not get squashed again.

I did how ever get:

  • Flithy from dirty roads –  Monday
  • Broken shoulder almost from carrying bag full of clothes and college stuff – Tuesday
  • Covered in snow – Wednesday
  • Joy of riding again – Thursday
  • Soaked to the skin – Friday

So an interesting week’s riding.

Physically I thought I was on the mend but i was playing with my kids last night and pulled my chest again. My left moob is killing me and i feel like i’m being stabbed in the chest.

My left arm has returned to a near useless state Saturday evening and i’m taking pain killers and applying ice to calm it down.

I’m finding that music on the bike helps and i’m looking forward to being able to ride a road bike on smooth road with trance in my ears, riding in the zone!


You want good service go see Charlie.

Customer satisfaction sharing post for you today.

The last week I purchased a Shoulder Strap pad for my timbuk2 messenger bag as the strap has been digging in and i’ve read that these are excellent.

I went through ebay and found one from Charlie the Bikemonger’s store.

It was delivered quickly and was exactly as described etc… as i’ve come to expect from companies selling on ebay.

What i didn’t expect is how wonderfully kind and generous the people who work there are.

When i got creamed by a peugeot a few weeks ago one of the reflective tail’s off my bag snapped off, which is a small price to pay for bag cushioning my fall, saving my back from untold damage and scars and still staying in one piece. Timbuk2 bags rule!!

Anyway i digress. Charlie the Bikemonger is a store that sell the timbuk2 bags and accessories so i sent them an email asking if they stocked the reflectors and explaining how i came to loose mine and if I could have one of their fine stickers (for the kids of course…… honest)

Bless my cotton socks they said this:

Hi Rob,
Sadly despite trying to order these, they never arrive.  So no true spares.  However between us here we have a few Timbuk2 bags will see if we can get a donation for free for you.
As for the stickers you should have got two so will pop some in with reflector tag, when I‘ve commandeered one for you.
Michelle @
Charlie The Bikemonger

How nice is that the first time i purchased anything from them and they treat me like this.

So is my new favorite cycling bits and bobs, acccessories, parts etc shop… just a shame they are so far away.

As recommended by the HighwayMunky.

In Pursuit of Home

I’m not sure whether it’s just me or if anyone else does this but when i’m commuting i go fairly quick on on the way in but on the way home its a race….. I almost always time myself to see how quick I was, I go hell for leather all the way and my commute is about 11 miles with over half of it being on a fairly steep incline. So by the time i get home I’m one hot sweaty cyclist.

Which is quite funny to be hold in this weather as my little girl asked me the other day. “Daddy, why are you steaming?”

I can just plod along on a bike but i’m almost always pushing myself trying to go faster and faster for longer.

Is this normal?

Am I mental?

I usually find that one of two days every few weeks i loose all drive or run out of steam, this usually culminates in me eating everything within sight, going to bed extra early and i’m back in the race the next day.

Does anyone else constantly race or is it just me?

Snowing again!!

I managed to avoid riding home in the snow yesterday by strategically finishing college as the wife was leaving sheffield, but today when the snow was flying down so hard that you couldn’t look up, and it was that horrid very wet snow, chicken out and went for the train. The only problem with the train is that it only covers the flat part of the journey. So there was still 45mins of up hill riding to be done.

By the time I got home I was wet through, covered in snow, trying to ride with eyes that are ‘mole’ like slits to avoid the snow in the eyes…. which is tricky when trying to stay on the bike avoiding cars, buses and a million potholes!

Don’t get me started on the potholes…

How ever I think it maybe mtb’ing all the way tomorrow!!

This evenings run as cancelled due to us being mear men of the north and not eskimo’s.

Look at the amount of snow jammed into my helmet by the time I got home, my poor little helmet light is next to use less!

Getting my legs back

I’ve managed to do 2 30min runs this week without suffering the numb foot issues I had earlier in the week which makes me feel alot better about, but now i’ve started running again I want to do it alot! I’m going to try an squeeze a run in this weekend then i’m out running again with my mate Brett on Wednesday all being well.

It’s funny how when you are running with someone else you’ll push yourself to run faster and even if you are in tremendous pain and suffering hell you’ll keep going to ensure that they don’t beat you! or is this just guys?

I did my first commute on the bike on Thursday since the accident it was OK overall, I managed to get there and back in one piece but i’m feeling quite conflicted about it all, I need to do it, i want to do it, but also i don’t.

I’m glad i rode on Thursday otherwise it may have started to become a big issue in my head, but i’m also glad i was working from home Friday so that I didn’t have to do it again.

Maybe I just need some more hours in the saddle?

I’ve fallen off loads of times and never worried about getting back on the old iron horse but right now……. I’m not feeling it.

Conflicted Munky.

Running Numb

I managed a 4.7mile run yesterday as ease myself back into fitness training session, there was no rush…. which is a good job really because my legs were not communicating well with my brain.

I wanted to run quick, run well, enjoy it and get into that transient zone where miles disappear and there is just the joy of running.

What happened was that the ground is muddy slop which meant I looked like I was either running on hot coals or doing a bambi on ice impression to stay up right.

The mud also claimed my shoe once… fortunately I have the grace of the lead male ballet dancer of the russian premierb ballet company and was able to easily pirouette on the leg with the shoe still attach, place my shoe-less foot into the trainer in the mud, scoop it up and carry on with no time lost.

(read: nearly fell over in the mud due to the suction claiming my left trainer I had to hop back to it looking like an idiot to retrieve my trainer)

My legs were not fast or smooth today and after about 30mins my foot went numb to the point I felt like I was running on a peg leg…. all pirate like….sort of.

It was so weird, uncomfortable, worrying and yet I was curious to run without being able to feel my foot and yet it was functioning pretty much as it should… I had to stop to re-adjust my shoes when the numb foot got too weird.

So numb foot and a serious lack of running in the tank made it not much fun. but miles done, calories burned.

It will be better next time.

my bag saved my life!

Thank you Lord for providing me with the means to purchase the large timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag in brown and gold for I am certain that this bag, yes folks this awesome bag saved my ass!

Don’t think i have meantioned it but last week I was hit by a car on my way home, the driver didn’t see me and pulled out hitting my back wheel causing me to do the superman (clipped to the bike still) and land whollop on the ground… now I’ve been thinking and the scars that my bag now carries prove this is that this bag saved my ass!

I landed on my arm shoulder and then back, my arm is battered, bruised and cut. My shoulder has had all the muscles pulled out of place and doesn’t work quite as it did (it’s getting there though) but my back is un-touched. Thanks to the bag!!

Well done Timbuk2 for building a cyclist crashproof back protector!

What a bag. You can carry everything in it, it stays comfy, you can carry about 2.5 stone in it and it wis still comfy. and when you need to to act as a cushion it says “Nay problem, Jim lad, didn’t feel a thing”

Tough as tough can be these bags. Awesome!