Running Reward

My moob is still hurting a bit so no cycling today, but not enough to put me off a run this evening.

Me and my friend who from here on out shall be referred to as “six pack” went for the 6.5 mile hilly ride I did on saturday. I felt much better today and even though it felt like we were going slower we did it in a quicker time?

I suspect it is due to us not stopping to stretch half way round as this would have gone against the law of male ego and the universe may have collapsed.

So you should be thankful that we kept going….

if only to find out what happens on eastenders…..

if you watch it……

Anyway we did the 6.5 miles in 53:39 and I felt like I could have gone alot faster or for alot longer….

“six pack” cooked by the end, which makes a nice change for me as the past few runs he’s been like a leaping gazelle and i’ve been dragging my fat ass along trying to keep up!

So my reward was takeaway… fish, chips and gravy from our excellent chippie in Wickersley.

717 calories out and about the same back in probably…… but it tastes too good to feel bad!


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  1. Ummm, fish and chips.

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