How you doing? Update

Well it’s been a few weeks now and i’m mentally getting over the accident, i’m still feeling anxious about car’s, lorry’s, van’s and pretty much everything else on the road at times, but it’s not all the time. I managed to complete a whole weeks commuting by bike and did not get squashed again.

I did how ever get:

  • Flithy from dirty roads –  Monday
  • Broken shoulder almost from carrying bag full of clothes and college stuff – Tuesday
  • Covered in snow – Wednesday
  • Joy of riding again – Thursday
  • Soaked to the skin – Friday

So an interesting week’s riding.

Physically I thought I was on the mend but i was playing with my kids last night and pulled my chest again. My left moob is killing me and i feel like i’m being stabbed in the chest.

My left arm has returned to a near useless state Saturday evening and i’m taking pain killers and applying ice to calm it down.

I’m finding that music on the bike helps and i’m looking forward to being able to ride a road bike on smooth road with trance in my ears, riding in the zone!


One Response

  1. If you can enjoy commuting by bike in this weather then i’m sure you’ll love it come summer.

    I’m rather hating the COLD dark nights at the moment.

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