You want good service go see Charlie.

Customer satisfaction sharing post for you today.

The last week I purchased a Shoulder Strap pad for my timbuk2 messenger bag as the strap has been digging in and i’ve read that these are excellent.

I went through ebay and found one from Charlie the Bikemonger’s store.

It was delivered quickly and was exactly as described etc… as i’ve come to expect from companies selling on ebay.

What i didn’t expect is how wonderfully kind and generous the people who work there are.

When i got creamed by a peugeot a few weeks ago one of the reflective tail’s off my bag snapped off, which is a small price to pay for bag cushioning my fall, saving my back from untold damage and scars and still staying in one piece. Timbuk2 bags rule!!

Anyway i digress. Charlie the Bikemonger is a store that sell the timbuk2 bags and accessories so i sent them an email asking if they stocked the reflectors and explaining how i came to loose mine and if I could have one of their fine stickers (for the kids of course…… honest)

Bless my cotton socks they said this:

Hi Rob,
Sadly despite trying to order these, they never arrive.  So no true spares.  However between us here we have a few Timbuk2 bags will see if we can get a donation for free for you.
As for the stickers you should have got two so will pop some in with reflector tag, when I‘ve commandeered one for you.
Michelle @
Charlie The Bikemonger

How nice is that the first time i purchased anything from them and they treat me like this.

So is my new favorite cycling bits and bobs, acccessories, parts etc shop… just a shame they are so far away.

As recommended by the HighwayMunky.

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