In Pursuit of Home

I’m not sure whether it’s just me or if anyone else does this but when i’m commuting i go fairly quick on on the way in but on the way home its a race….. I almost always time myself to see how quick I was, I go hell for leather all the way and my commute is about 11 miles with over half of it being on a fairly steep incline. So by the time i get home I’m one hot sweaty cyclist.

Which is quite funny to be hold in this weather as my little girl asked me the other day. “Daddy, why are you steaming?”

I can just plod along on a bike but i’m almost always pushing myself trying to go faster and faster for longer.

Is this normal?

Am I mental?

I usually find that one of two days every few weeks i loose all drive or run out of steam, this usually culminates in me eating everything within sight, going to bed extra early and i’m back in the race the next day.

Does anyone else constantly race or is it just me?

2 Responses

  1. I usually push a bit harder on the way home except for those mornings I get a late start. My ride is a bit over 16 miles each way and I find if I push too hard on the way in I am more tired than I want to be at work. Riding the studs over the icy roads and trails is around twice as much effort as in fair weather which turns out to be around 1300 calories each way so eating everything in sight and sleeping more is a regular cycle for me as well.

  2. I do the same its weird its like freedom !!!

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