Snowing again!!

I managed to avoid riding home in the snow yesterday by strategically finishing college as the wife was leaving sheffield, but today when the snow was flying down so hard that you couldn’t look up, and it was that horrid very wet snow, chicken out and went for the train. The only problem with the train is that it only covers the flat part of the journey. So there was still 45mins of up hill riding to be done.

By the time I got home I was wet through, covered in snow, trying to ride with eyes that are ‘mole’ like slits to avoid the snow in the eyes…. which is tricky when trying to stay on the bike avoiding cars, buses and a million potholes!

Don’t get me started on the potholes…

How ever I think it maybe mtb’ing all the way tomorrow!!

This evenings run as cancelled due to us being mear men of the north and not eskimo’s.

Look at the amount of snow jammed into my helmet by the time I got home, my poor little helmet light is next to use less!


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  1. The potholes do seem to be much worse than I can ever remember them being. Some of the roads I use are that rough my off-road route to work is starting to look smoother.

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