Running Numb

I managed a 4.7mile run yesterday as ease myself back into fitness training session, there was no rush…. which is a good job really because my legs were not communicating well with my brain.

I wanted to run quick, run well, enjoy it and get into that transient zone where miles disappear and there is just the joy of running.

What happened was that the ground is muddy slop which meant I looked like I was either running on hot coals or doing a bambi on ice impression to stay up right.

The mud also claimed my shoe once… fortunately I have the grace of the lead male ballet dancer of the russian premierb ballet company and was able to easily¬†pirouette on the leg with the shoe still attach, place my shoe-less foot into the trainer in the mud, scoop it up and carry on with no time lost.

(read: nearly fell over in the mud due to the suction claiming my left trainer I had to hop back to it looking like an idiot to retrieve my trainer)

My legs were not fast or smooth today and after about 30mins my foot went numb to the point I felt like I was running on a peg leg…. all pirate like….sort of.

It was so weird, uncomfortable, worrying and yet I was curious to run without being able to feel my foot and yet it was functioning pretty much as it should… I had to stop to re-adjust my shoes when the numb foot got too weird.

So numb foot and a serious lack of running in the tank made it not much fun. but miles done, calories burned.

It will be better next time.


2 Responses

  1. Just started running again myself.

    I’m embarrasingly only up to 20mins a run after 3 weeks.

    I had forgotton just how cruel running is on your body and just how much it seems to make everything hurt.

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