my bag saved my life!

Thank you Lord for providing me with the means to purchase the large timbuk2 Classic Messenger bag in brown and gold for I am certain that this bag, yes folks this awesome bag saved my ass!

Don’t think i have meantioned it but last week I was hit by a car on my way home, the driver didn’t see me and pulled out hitting my back wheel causing me to do the superman (clipped to the bike still) and land whollop on the ground… now I’ve been thinking and the scars that my bag now carries prove this is that this bag saved my ass!

I landed on my arm shoulder and then back, my arm is battered, bruised and cut. My shoulder has had all the muscles pulled out of place and doesn’t work quite as it did (it’s getting there though) but my back is un-touched. Thanks to the bag!!

Well done Timbuk2 for building a cyclist crashproof back protector!

What a bag. You can carry everything in it, it stays comfy, you can carry about 2.5 stone in it and it wis still comfy. and when you need to to act as a cushion it says “Nay problem, Jim lad, didn’t feel a thing”

Tough as tough can be these bags. Awesome!


5 Responses

  1. Lol,
    A new type of body armour.

    So thats why those bags are so popular with messengers!

  2. Good to know, I ride with one of those when I’m off to work, mine is oink instead of the gold though!

    I love how I can stop at the supermarket on the way home and get a basket load of shopping in even with everything I carry for work they are magic bags!

  3. glad to hear you’re OK!
    I have the same cell case, no Timbuk2 bag tho. 😦
    I must say, they ARE awesome for toting beers around in.
    Please remind me; what, in pounds (or metric) a stone is equal to.

    Thank you, and cheers!

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