Well on the way….

I’m well on the way to full recovery. I think the lady that hit me was more shaken up by whole incident than I was.

Well the sight of my arse flying over your windscreen in lycra is enough to give any one the shakes!!

I’ve had a couple of days of pigging out eating to recover so tomorrow it is back to the training and eating well.

Got to start getting my 3 runs per week in and as many miles on the bike as i can get away with.

I’ll try a run tomorrow to see how it feels, my shoulder is still a bit twingy and if I’ve lost a lot of strength out of my arm. I’m not sure if it’s always been lazy and i’ve never noticed or if it’s because of the accident but my left arm is real lazy!

Seriously, it does nothing all the time, it just sits in my pocket, hangs by my side doing nothing. My right does loads of stuff…… err…… i’ll stop there i think… its just a bit weird…. and i noticed it…… anyway.

My wife started her new university course today training to be nurse. So proud of her. Well done Ams!!!

One Response

  1. Glad to hear that your on the mend.
    When I got hit a few months ago nothing hurt immediately after the crash. The next day however..

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