No you didn’t! – Man down!

We interupt our usual broadcast for a special anouncement:

The blogger known has “The HighwayMunky has been run down by a woman driving a peugeot”

Yes, folks i’m afraid it’s true after doing over 20miles and 800ft of climbing in the morning I set off home feeling great! legs were strong and I was heading out the city when a woman pulled out from a side street into the side of my bike and BAM! I do a very poor superman impression,

(Well i bet Superman never had to do it still clipped in!)

I land arm first the shoulder in the middle of the road. splat!

Off to hospital, spoke to the police. Can’t go into too much detail here but the bike is a write off and my shoulders in a mess, nothing broken but i won’t be doing any boxing for a while!

I’m ok, bit shaken up and very bruised and sore today.

More as it develops, Stay safe out there you lot.


One Response

  1. Ouch. Hope nothing’s too damaged. And you got her number plate…

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