Down time,

I’m off the bike until the snow has gone, Wife’s orders and definitely the best idea. It is still horrid here, footpaths are sloppy snow that’s hard enough to walk never mind ride, the roads are a wet soup of ice and slush. So i’m going to have the rest of the week off the bike.

Time to come up with a descent training plan for the year and plan some races to do!

I’m going to start on the boxing again having not done that for a while (suplement the riding this week)

Oh my knee’s alot better by the way, bruises are coming up nicely but no permanent damage I think.

Well that’s me, longing for summer and dreaming of long smooth (dry) roads.


One Response

  1. I keep trying to get out. I managed to commute yesterday but today the cold weather won.

    I can’t wait for this ‘warm up’

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