Man down!

Came a dropper on the road today! I swerved to avoid a lady stepping out into the road and lost the front wheel to the ice landing smack down on my left side, knee first.

Damage to bike = ripped the bar tape, flat tyre

Damage to me = All my left side hurts now esspecially my knee. This morning I really thought i’d done some damage….. but now it just hurts like bad bruise, nothing appears broken, its the same knee I had ACL surgery on 2 1/2 years ago and the same knee I took all the skin off last summer….. it’s always the same knee!

Managed to get to work and did a half day then got a lift home and rested, ice, elevation and grumbled at my self for being stupid enough to ride in the 1st place and not just mowing the old woman down…. might have hurt less.

She didn’t even stop to help!…… couldn’t believe that, but i don’t think she was quite firing on all cylinders.

Anyway that’s me, bust up knee, on sofa with wine and crisps.

2 Responses

  1. Oh dear lots of rest for you! Hope the wine and crisps help th healing process!

  2. I hope you recover soon.

    I have dared take my road bike out for weeks now. I just know i’m going to find that patch of ice.

    On the few occations i’ve been out it been with a MTB with cx ice tyres on and with full body armour on under my clothes.

    The body armour works a treat. Its just a shame you’d look like a complete prat wearing it riding a road bike.

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