Am I mental for riding in tomorrow?

Well I won’t be able to ride from the house as the road is covered in ice and snow so I’ll have to walk round the corner to the main road….

I have no idea how icy the roads will be on the way to work but I think i’m fairly tough and well balanced to be able to do it.

What do i wear? Do i go for loads of layers to keep warm to start with and then take them off later or do I go for less layers and work harder to keep warm? I think maybe the later.

But how cold will it be I hear you say, surely its not that bad…..

Well according to the beeb this is the weather for Sheffield for the next few days….note the temperature for Friday……


Holy Moley that’s cold…. lets do it and see what happens!!


3 Responses

  1. I’m itching to get out and ride but it’s just too cold for me at the moment. I went out for a bit (all of 10mins) last night and the computer was reading -13!!

    I don’t seem to have any problems keeping my core warm. Two base layers, a jersey and coat and i’m lovely and warm when moving. Its my fingers, toes etc that I struggle to keep warm.

  2. The answer is yes, cause i came a cropper on some ice and hurt my knee!

  3. I rode today, lots of layers as moving slower and no chance of filtering! Snowboard gloves are the order of the day at the moment, keeping my hands warm!

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