Core blimey Governor it ain’t half cold!!

Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year, we ate too much, drank too much and generally had a wonderful time. Hitting some serious detox now! Green tea and salad for a while as I put on about a stone in 2 weeks! How good is that!!

It is however bloody freezing! Thought I was going to get frost bite this morning on the way into work -4 and a 20 – 25mph wind chill….. brrrr!!! I had to stop for 5 minutes to warm up my fingers! then the office was freezing cold all day so basically I’ve been cold since I woke up!

More snow on the way tonight and for the rest of the week…. should be fun….. better go and get my MTB from the bike shop… I’ve left it there for new cables fitting by professionals and borrowed the lovely Kuota, which I was glad of today as my journey was 10 minutes quicker with it!

So tomorrow should be interesting. I’ll post if if make it to college…. and definitely if i don’t!


2 Responses

  1. It’s not cold, its freezing!
    I’ve got frostnip in my ears thanks to my stupidity and this artic weather.

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