Life gets busy

Whoa It’s been a while since i’ve blogged! There are many reasons for this, work life has been exceedingly busy and coupled with the fact that the work firewall has banned access to wordpress then the daytime opportunities to blog have disappeared, evening are family and everything else time so no chance there either!

I managed to resolve my financial crisis, I’ve been enjoying the commute to and from work on the mtb except for the number of punctures i’m getting…. lots!! New tyres are on my Christmas list.

I had an incident in a rather rough bit of Sheffield on the way home the other week which could have been really bad. MY chain snapped as I was setting off from a set of lights…..No big deal you say…. Well at the time I have receiving and giving aggravation to four guys in a nissan micra, they’d beeped me and swerved towards me, obviously thinking this was hillarious, so i gave them my best “go stick it where the sun don’t shine…. oh your so funny…. never had that done before”

Accidents and people not seeing you are part and parcel of the game, but down right aggressive, stupid behaviour is not something we should have to put up with. So i told them so. We were then stuck at the lights together, they (who really could not take any sort of comments back without exploding) were giving it the mouth and colourful language under the sun, whilst I stood there smiling, thinking “there’s four of them, sat in a tiny car shouting abuse at a bloke in tights….. how stupid does this look” SO the lights went green, they set off like they were starting the Dacar Rally, I pushed down, heard snap, smashed my vegetables into the top tube and went no where…..

Thankfully my rescue service was available for a pickup a mile down the road. (thanks love)

That’s the most exciting bike thing of late, I had to run to work the next day… which was pretty good about 7.5 miles from the Rotherham bus station to my office in the city. Felt good most of the way should have eaten more for breakfast though.

Working at the LBS today, missing my kids in nativity and dancing show…. really gutted about it.

Take care y’all i’ll try to post again soon.


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  1. Glad to hear from you again!!

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