Ok… i hurt all over! my arms, shoulders chest and back are complaining about the punch bag work outs.

My legs have completely had it! I had to get home at a certain time to pick up the little boy from school yesterday and it nearly killed me! I suffered the whole way and could have no breaks as i  had to be there at that time!

Anyone know of a fix for very tired muscles…. I’ve got to get back on the bike to get home, my mind is looking forward to it, my body is not.

It hurts to type, I think the only cure this morning can be a bacon sandwich. Speaking of food. I was so hungry last night I had 3 dinners!

Beans on toast with my son, Bacon sandwich whilst waiting for my wife to come home from running and then a curry from the indian takeaway.  Still wasn’t full!

8 Responses

  1. recovery drinks mate! I use Strawberry Rego from SIS. They really are like a silver bullet for tired legs

  2. When you find the cure please tell me.

    I’ve read that ice baths help; but i’ve decided I prefer aching legs.

  3. I use For Goodness Shakes recovery drinks. But you also get used to constantly tired legs!

  4. trio: i thought i’d be used to it by now. Maybe its the cold? Or i’m not eating enough. I use forgoodnessshakes every day at the mo. I even resorted to can of red bull for the dash home today. Oh well back on the saddle tomorrow. Moan over.

  5. But you have slightly changed what you are doing with the punchbag before riding. Your body will get used to it soon.

    Some days it seems harder as well!

  6. Discovered the problem…. I woke up this morning aching all over full of cold! Welcome to the british winter cold…. lovely.

  7. Ah the I am ill reason. No fun at all, sweat that cold out!

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