Yesterdays commute home was a bit quick, I was like greased lightening for all the way did the whole 11 miles and 500ft ascent in 40 mins, but i was suffering with knee pain by the end, i’ve not had that for ages and am wondering if it’s the singlespeed that caused it (all the strain on the hills)

I picked the kids up and walked them home, got changed and went straight to Brett’s for our pre arranged run. 3.5miles of suffering followed, dash home quick shower, get dinner for the wife and then off to church group.  I finally got some dinner and sat down at about 9:45pm…. phew! long day.

Feeling a bit stiff this morning but still managed to get 15mins workout on the bag and 10 mins situps and pressups before the commute, i’ll be sore tomorrow. Looking forward to saturday and a day off already!

Oh, the cool thing is I discovered that my ipod classic + ipod sock will fitt in the cell phone holder of my bag see:


This is cool because it means that I don’t have to wear baggies  / 3/4 length shorts with pockets all the time on the bike to listen to my music….. and i love my music.

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