Working the bag


In order to fight the cold mornings i’ve come up with a cunning plan…. so cunning in fact it has been awarded “The Most Cunning Plan” at this years cunning plans awards….. held by me…… in my garage.

Anyway. commuting in a morning in the winter is cold, its a fact it is cold in the morning and for the 1st 15 – 20 mins of the commute i’m freezing my ass off! So in order to warm up in a morning i’m getting up 15 minutes earlier and having 15 – 30 mins work out on the punch bag.

The benefits of this as i see it are,

  1. Upper body workout, (my legs get loads of exercise)
  2. Get warmed up prior to getting on the bike hence not cold on the commute
  3. Make use of the punch bag and boxing gloves that i’ve had for ages.
  4. It’s fun to hit the bag

I’ve done this for the past two mornings and have found the benefits of feeling warm as soon as I start cycling (without a million layers on) more than make up for the time robbed from sleep.  Also managed to get a few situps in… you never know I may get rid of the tummy fat one day.


Any thoughts on boxing  / punch bag training anyone?


2 Responses

  1. Cycle harder and warm up quicker!

    I always hate leaving the cafe on winter club runs. For the first 20/30mins you’re always freezing.

  2. For punching the bag, shouldn’t you be playing “Eye of the Tiger”?

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