Frosty morning & Hot tempers


Well I didn’t post this yesterday as I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, so as event of yesterday seems to have been sorted out as much as it’s going to I’ll tell the tale.

Yesterday it was freezing! The ride was enjoyable and reasonably quick. As I got into the city centre I was diverted from my usual route due to the police closing off the road (two guys were attacked in the night) so I followed the new bypass road round and pass Kelham island then up to west barr (areas of Sheffield) then I came to a small roundabout, I claimed the inside lane and kept pace with the ambulance in the outside lane and as I was coming off the roundabout into the main road a (BMW) mini tried to squeeze himself in the gap between me and the ambulance. I swerved to get out of the way and voiced my disapproval of his driving “Oi! Cock!”

This got his attention in as much as he looked in his rear view mirror and then slammed on his brakes! I nearly went into the back of him! He then pulled over and I passed him and as soon as I was past he set off and was right on my back wheel I took the left turn to my office after about 5 metres and he followed right on my back wheel, he then went round me and as soon as he was along side swerved the car into me!

 Fortunately I was expecting this and swerved to the kerb to avoid him, he then floored it off down the street.

 In the cold light of the next day I’m pleased that I didn’t chase him into the car park and beat the snot out of him although I felt like it at the time I chose to report it to the police. Who very kindly informed me that they would call him and warn him…… not sure if that’s better but at least I don’t get in trouble.

I have a photo of his car…. should i name and shame?????…… maybe.


 My commute home was a hard one I had to call in at college to explain why I wouldn’t be in today (too many meetings at work I need to attend) and chose to do the hilliest route I could home which involved about 3 hills 3 big ones. Total of 786ft of climbing in a 14 mile ride…. No gears!


Needless to say I’m a bit sore today…. And got to go running with Brett later….. hope it’s not a big one.


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