Running wet

Managed to get in a couple of runs this week. A just over 5 mile run with Brett that took us an hour dead and had a lot of uphills!

We started well, legs feeling ok we stopped a couple of times just for a breather walking the space between lamp posts then starting again. Really enjoyed it and was glad to be running again. Also glad I got some new trousers for it. They are not quite tights so I don’t look totally ridiculous but they are slim on the legs so not to bag. Very comfy and warm.

The my other run was a solo over the fields at the back of my house and round the 1 mile loop and then back home.  All the way round this I felt strong, my legs were sore from the run with Brett but the more I kept going the better they felt. Now they don’t hurt at all….. so apparently running cures injuries….. but i already knew that, as running helped to cure my knee of constant pain follow my ACL surgery a couple of years ago.

The cure I have found for aching muscles is a little more  extreme or “stupid” as my good lady tells me…. my little girl looks very worried when I do it but it sure does help. The secret is Freezing the muscles read HERE

Now I’ve frightened you to death! Have a nice day.

Pics of the run:




2 Responses

  1. I’m going to take your word for it and try anice bath after my next ride. I hope you’re right!

  2. Yer, it ain’t nice but it does the trick on fixing the legs. more recently i’ve found it easier to have a hot shower then turn it as cold as possible and blast your legs with the cold spray. seems to work about the same in a shorter time. give it a try.

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